Hand Stuff – Group Exhibition – Noir Darkroom

fuck everything (penis fingers) 2020 New and Reclaimed mixed media assemblage. approximate 20X30X20 cm $69 each fuck you (up yours) 2020 Mixed media drawing, 50X90 cm $123 fuck me New and reclaimed mixed media assemblage kinetic sculpture 30X40cm $222 air quote 2020 Paper, ink and painting collage, 90x40cm $111 to purchase please contact erin viaContinue reading “Hand Stuff – Group Exhibition – Noir Darkroom”

Fur burgers and deep fried dick – an interview with curator erincox

1. You’ve been called a ‘fat activist’: Is that something you identify with?  As fat is considered to be one of the worst attributes a person can have, actively partaking in any of life’s activities as a person who is fat is an act of activism. Everyday and necessary life activities like eating, wearing clothing,Continue reading “Fur burgers and deep fried dick – an interview with curator erincox”

Curriculum Vitae – erincox

erincox is a multidisciplinary artist/curator.  With an underlying sense of quirk and fun erincox creates assemblages to form vibrant and often provocative pieces that explore feminism and its intersection with capitalism. Founding member of the Lucy Goosey Feminist Art Collective. Formed in 2019 the Lucy Goosey Feminist Art Collective is a group of gender-diverse artistsContinue reading “Curriculum Vitae – erincox”