erincox is a multidisciplinary artist/curator. 

With an underlying sense of quirk and fun erincox creates assemblages to form vibrant and often provocative pieces that explore feminism and its intersection with capitalism.


On the Brink

What the housewives of Australia need to understand…

Hand Stuff Collection

fuck you (up yours) 2020 Mixed media drawing, 50X90 cm $123

Fat Feminism collection

Man eater aka deep fried dick
2019 Mixed media sculpture
$69 plus postage
Fur burger
2019. New and reclaimed mixed media assemblage
$69 each plus postage

Lino Prints

The Sun Tarot
Edition of 12 15x17cm
$80 plus postage
The Moon Tarot
Edition of 12 15x17cm
$80 plus postage

erinyes – Justice Love Heart Tarot
Edition of 9 18X30cm
$110 plus postage

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