Fat Feminism – a group exhibition curated by erincox

Event Details

Exhibition: September 25 – October 6, 2019
Opening night: September 26, 7-9pm

@ Noir Darkroom, 57 Moreland Rd, Coburg.

About the show

Fat Feminism a group art exhibition curated by erincox explores the intersection of fat and feminism.

A select group of young, established and emergent artists from a variety of genders and backgrounds contributed work to the Fat Feminism group exhibition. In total 24 artists displayed 60 piece of art covering many mediums. Each individual piece offered a unique perspective of how size and gender discrimination intersect and as a whole the exhibition educated and raised awareness of the why and how fat is a feminist issue in today’s society.

The show included art that positively showcases fat persons but also art that speaks directly to how gender politics and size influences discrimination. Themes of fat shaming, obesity stigma, media portrayal, diet culture, sexuality and gender discrimination specific to fatness, along with personal and individual reflections were tackled.  

The Fat Feminism group exhibition created a safe space for all to explore this theme, illuminating the specific discrimination that people of size face and how gender politics may influence this.

Exhibition Catalogue

The opening night was a great success with over a hundred attendees coming together to explore the theme and support the artists. We were privileged to listen to a key note speech from local fat activist and scholar Dr Jenny Lee.

Curator Bio

erincox, a Melbourne based artist/curator who creates a diverse range of art, all with an underlying sense of quirk and fun.

A feminist, fat activist, music lover, mother and founder of A Plus Market, erincox brings this diverse range of interests and talents to her creative projects. Multiple art exhibitions and her work with fat fashion (A Plus Market and Curvy Couture Runway) have seen the development of the well respected artists skills as a pioneering entrepreneur. Branching out into as a curator seemed a natural step. Fat Feminsim – a group art exhibition being her first foray.

erincox’s love of quirk is obvious in her art (as is her love of cocks) with fur burgers and deep fried dick featuring as her contribution to the September, 2019 exhibit.

About the Gallery

NOIR is a female and queer run space that also happens to be in the plus size. NOIR is committed to facilitating emerging artists to flourish as well as creating social change through art.

Exhibit with us

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