On the Brink

Lucy Goosey Feminist Art Collective Exhibition
At Sandbox Studios Brunswick June 3-12, 2022
An exploration of tipping points: ecological, psychological and social.

Each artist presents from their personal perspective – documenting the oppression of Earth & Self. Through our collective exploration we culminate hope and advocate for positive change.  

Lucy Goosey Feminist Art Collective is a group of gender-diverse artists who create from within a feminist context. Subjects we explore include the female body, apathy, capitalism and consumerism, and the patriarchal systems that dominate our world.

We are a supportive and nurturing group of artists from diverse backgrounds. We seek to advance women and gender-diverse artists, create a culture of activism and a community of mutual support.
Exhibiting artists include Julie Twomey, erincox, Georgia Laughton, Luna Cameron-Parrish, Katie Theodorus, Emily King and Janice McEwan

Lucy Goosey Feminist art collective: IG @Lucygooseyfac

erincox’s contribution to this exhibit included “The Labour of Venus” and a triptych about Brumbies and Southern corroboree frogs.

The Labour of Venus

Botticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’ signified transcendence; the human souls focus on divine love, rejecting imperfect materialism. This contemporary reimagining ‘The Labour of Venus’ fosters reflection on waste, consumerism and the gendered division that abounds within modern day’s chronic consumerism.

The colt of old Regret

These three works, together, tell in part the story of the Southern Corroboree frog (Pseudophryne corroboree) and colonialism. Introduced and invasive species intersect with climate change driving the demise of the Australian Alps and thus the frog’s habitat. The species is experiencing a death by a thousand cuts, whilst many of us head in sand and hand on heart allow for time to pass waiting for something (different) to happen.

A watched pot never boils
The myth of the boiling frog

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