On the Brink

What the housewives of Australia need to understand…

Hand Stuff Collection

fuck you (up yours) 2020 Mixed media drawing, 50X90 cm $123
air quote 2020 Paper, ink and painting collage, 90x40cm $111

Fat Feminism collection

Man eater aka deep fried dick
2019 Mixed media sculpture
$69 plus postage
Fur burger
2019. New and reclaimed mixed media assemblage
$69 each plus postage

Lino Prints

The Sun Tarot
Edition of 12 15x17cm
$80 plus postage
The Moon Tarot
Edition of 12 15x17cm
$80 plus postage

erinyes – Justice Love Heart Tarot
Edition of 9 18X30cm
$110 plus postage

Buy Awesome Products

Fur burger mini skirt
(sadly not a hugely inclusive sizing available
(external link to make to order company)

Buy original art

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